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An honored Zhou Dynasty warrior, buried with a chariot and horses, has been unearthed in China. The chariot with horse skeletons in the grave (Photo by Chinese Archaeology)

Headdress 475-221 B.C.E. Jincun Eastern Zhou dynasty Warring States period Jade (nephrite) H: 6.6 W: 5.6 D: 0.6 cm China

from V and A Collections

ca. 1100-1000 BCE. Carved Jade Pendant, Coiled Dragon with tail in its mouth. Such items were buried with the owner. Western Zhou Dynasty. China. V&A (C.T. Loo, no find spot)


Zhong (bell), Eastern Zhou dynasty, Warring States period (5th–3rd century B.C.) China Bronze


ZUN A SUPERB AND VERY RARE BRONZE WINE VESSEL EARLY WESTERN ZHOU DYNASTY, 11TH-10TH CENTURY BC of cylindrical form with four notched flanges down the sides, elegantly cast with taotie masks on the foot in high relief with prominent eyes, ears, forehead shield and hooked horns, flanked by dragons with slim S-shaped bodies and dragon heads, the middle section with a band of vertical ribs between bands of confronted birds with curled crests, beaks and tails and protruding eyes, all below the…


Another Zhou Dynasty-era burial, unrelated to the one with the chariots, had a silk ritual garment incorporating tigers, phoenixes and dragons (Photo by PericlesofAthen/Wikimedia Commons)