Zipper Face Costume--Quick, Cheap and Disturbing!

makeup-for-halloween -this is an actual halloween zipper makeup. And yes guys, she used real zipper. She attached it on her face using some adhesive and turn herself into this scary and spooky zipper lady.

Halloween Zipper Face Costume

25 Zipper Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Zipper Face Costume

Pin for Later: Zipper Makeup Looks Guaranteed to Freak Everyone Out This Halloween

Zipper Makeup Looks Guaranteed to Freak Everyone Out This Halloween

Get All Gruesome and Spooky With This Unzipped Zipper Face Halloween Makeup!

Halloween makeup ideas with tutorial so you can easily create your makeup by simply watching videos. Checkout our collection of top 10 Halloween makeup ideas with tutorial.

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Awesome "Unzipped" Zipper Halloween Makeup Ideas

Zipper Face

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rollthedrumss:  Mario Jasaar  ROLL IT! | FB

Love this idea! Using black airbrush either side of the zips and extending the design in white crystals/ice onto the bald cap

Zipper Face Costume

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Zipper Face Costume - Halloween Costume Contest via @costumeworks

Zipper Face - Halloween Costume Contest at

Galaxy Zipper face paint Halloween Makeup

Awesome "Unzipped" Zipper Halloween Makeup Ideas

Glitter Zipper Face

Got glitter in my veins ✨💫 pallet mousse liner black dip Pom ebony shade n light pallet lashes Samantha shadows coco bear and peach smoothy glitter.