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Zoot-suits were worn by lower class Mexican and African Americans. Very loose and long pants with an extremely large jacket. The zoot-suit was a distinctive part of the "Pachuco" culture, and a way for the youth of minority groups to express their individuality and feelings of rebellion. People saw wearing the zoot-suit as a deliberate, public, and obnoxious way of ignoring the rationing/war effort after the War Production Board nearly banned the production of them. Distinctions were…


Luis Valdez in a zoot suit / 1945. The zoot suit was a source of pride among #Pachucos. It originated in Harlem and became especially popular during WWII when the extravagant style was seen as "unpatriotic." It conveyed political resistance and played a major role in the Zoot Suit Riots. #subvert1940s


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Dancing couple in the 1940’s, he is replete with Zoot Suit. Very Allroot. Photo thanks to Shelton Powe, Jr.

Zoot Suit-- consisted of a jacket that was long with excessively wide shoulders and long, wide lapels, and trousers that were markedly pegged