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For those of you looking for a greener lawn with less maintenance, then you have probably heard about zoysia grass. I thought I would give some zoysia grass reviews so that you know both the pros and cons of putting the grass in your yard as well as discussing the option of putting in zoysia plus, zoysia sod or using zoysia seeds.


Scotts 18362 Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch, 5-Pound by Scotts. $31.21. Thrives in sandy and acidic soil.. Ideal for deep South coastal regions.. Thrives in heat, drought, partial shade & colder temperatures. 99.9% weed free. Grows a tough, durable, low maintenance lawn. Endures in heat, drought, partial shade and colder temperatures. Grows a tough, durable, low maintenance lawn. 99.9% weed free.


Overseeding: A Key to Beautiful Lawns || This is an awesome article on overseeding! It has everything you need to know about timing, types of grass seed, fertilizing and more info I didn't know about! #beautiful #lawn #goals


A combination of Zenith Zoysia grass seed and BIO-170™ natural mulch. A self-spreading grass, Zoysia grows well in full sun, has improved cold tolerance and stays green longer into the fall season. BIO-170™ natural mulch improves spreadability and allows for a more accurate application.


Creating a new lawn from seed is not as difficult as people might think, in fact it is quite easy with the right equipment and a bit of knowledge to help you. There are two general types of lawn grass seed, the first is what they call a "warm season seed", these can include the bermuda grass seed and the zoysia grass seed, these sorts of seed can hold up extremely well in the hot humid heat of the south.