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Zygi Wilf | Piktochart Infographic Editor

Fans celebrate with Zygi Wilf.

Vikings stadium is corporate welfare. -Minnesotans love the Vikings. That’s a fact. However, the Vikings franchise is owned by a billionaire from New Jersey — one Zygmunt “Zygi” Wilf. Wilf’s net worth is between $310 million, as reported by Sports Illustrated, and $1.3 billion, according to the Democratic website. - - BrainerdDispatch 04/09/12

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Zygi Wilf getting recognized ....lets hope its for the humanitarian sorts Twin Cities News, Sports, Weather, Traffic -

Pic of Vikings owner Zygi Wilf at new stadium’s ceremonial groundbreaking is fantastic (photo)

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On stadium cost, Vikings owners may not have much skin in the game by Tim Nelson, MPRNews ---But there hasn't been much discussion about the third leg of stadium financing: the $427 million that the Vikings owners have pledged to the project. Team officials call that part of the deal "private money." But that doesn't mean team owner and East Coast developer Zygi Wilf will necessarily foot the bill.- 04/05/2012

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Zygi Wilf Found Guilty Of Racketeering

minnesota-vikings-owner-zygi-wilf–democrat – Jewish Business News

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This is bananas! Vikings owner, Zygi Wilf is ordered by a judge to pay $84.5 million.

Looks like its over for Zygi Wilf. Why can't this man just be honest and face the consequences?