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    Mars & Space Exploration News

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    Map of neutron emissions on Mars telling us where water is and was on the planet

    [June 28, 2012] NASA Video still shot of the Colorado wildfires as seen from the International Space Station; [4m11s] video at

    [June 28, 2012] Colorado's wildfires as seen from the International Space Station -

    [June 28, 2012] Why was Gale Crater chosen? www.exploremars.o...

    [June 27, 2012] NEW: www.exploremars.o... - In addition to Google Mars 3D in your web browser in 640x480 and 960x720, there's now a GIANT 1920x1080 (HD) version. If it were any more immersive you'd need a pressure suit. Please LIKE & SHARE and let's get to Mars. (Tuskegee Crater pictured)

    [June 26, 2012] Why was Holden Crater considered as a landing site for Curiosity? www.exploremars.o...

    [June 22, 2012][50m3s] What do you think John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev would say in 1963 if they could somehow watch this 2012 press conference, half a century in the future?

    [June 24, 2012] Google Mars -- Navigate around Mars in 3D from your browser: www.exploremars.o...

    [June 24, 2012] Xinhua News: China's first manual space docking successful. Story:

    [5m7s][June 23, 2012]: New video from NASA JPL: "Challenges of Getting to Mars: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror" --

    [June 22, 2012] ExploreMars MSL Picture-of-the-Day: Mawrth Vallis -- a valley north of the equator (22.3°N, 343.5°E). The name ‘Mawrth’ means ‘Mars’ in Welsh. Read more: www.exploremars.o...

    [June 21, 2012] MarsToday: Extensive Water in Mars's Interior -- via SpaceRef

    [June 20, 2012] ExploreMars Picture of the Day: Eberswalde Crater, situated in an ancient river delta, 24 degrees south of the Martian equator at an elevation of -1,450 meters or -4757' below Mars zero-elevation point.

    [June 20, 2012] National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden talks with the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) crew. Mars rover (Sprit/Opportunity) principal investigator Steve Squyres is among the crew, but was not mic'ed up. More information on NEEMO: - video URL:

    [June 20, 2012] WIRED Science: "A team of exometeorologists at MIT have calculated the size of the snowflakes that fall onto the polar regions of Mars in its winter, and it turns out that they’re pretty tiny." --

    [June 20, 2012] NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) : "[Mars Odyssey] Orbiter Out of Precautionary 'Safe Mode'"

    [June 18, 2012] MarsToday: "ESA Tests Self-steering Rover in 'Mars' [Atacama] Desert" via SpaceRef:

    [6-20-2012] Nope. We're still not there yet. 45 more days. And no, we're not stopping for ice cream or to see the falls. This is much, much cooler... marsprogram.jpl.n...

    [June 19, 2012] "Mars Wind May Cause Sand Avalanches" -

    [June 18, 2012] National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited SpaceX last week. --

    [June 14, 2012] Is there a fast lane to Mars? Fast transfers through on-orbit staging discussed Day3of3 #MarsConcepts2012 #Mars #orbit

    [Jun 14] NASA JPL: Test of Spare Wheel Puts Mars Odyssey Orbiter on Path to Recovery --

    [June 13, 2012 ] - [June 13, 2012] Mars Aviation -- Dr. Joel Levine, formerly of NASA Langley Research Center and others discuss Mars UAV's ("drones") and balloon proposals at #MarsConcepts2012:

    [July 15, 2012] MarsDaily: "Opportunity Faces Slow Going Due To Communication Issues" --

    [June 15, 2012] now have all 3 days of their Mars Concepts 2012 conference available: , with several prominent members of the Mars exploration research community, including the well-known Chris McKay, who is also an ExploreMars advisory board member.