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Love verything about this picture!! Especially the hair!

Great example of victory rolls. Looking for classic vintage go for the with this modern adaption of the victory roll. Make-up is absolutely perfect, and the hair is a very modern edgy red. It would also go great as a vintage Rockabilly hair style.

This is soooo awesome! I know a few photographers with collections that should sooo do this!

Framed Cameras - Love it! I have a few old cameras I would love to display and this is the perfect way to do it!

DIY Pringles Macro Diffuser ...now I just have to buy some pringles...

How to Make a Pringles Can Macro Diffuser. Pringles are probably one of the more popular foodstuffs/DIY project. You get a fun snack and then an even funner DIY project. Read here on how to make a fantastic diffuser with it.

1919 Piccolette Contessa-Nettel folding camera hacked onto a Canon 5D MII

Camera Hack: Jason Bognacki a folding camera made in 1919 to the front of his Canon MarkII. (Click through for the amazing images made with his nearly 100 year old lens!) ETA- this is pretty frickin cool. I have some old folding cameras.