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Envious by Designer Skin is a new tanning lotion for the 2016 indoor tanning season. Before you can pre-order this new tanning lotion, I have a sneak peek.

Our Blackout 12 Black Friday tanning event is only a few days away. Here's a sneak peak at a couple of our Blackout tanning deals for this Friday, 11/20/15.

Designer Skin recently cleaned up at the indoor tanning awards winning three of the best non-tingle tanning lotions of the 2015 tanning bed season.

After my 2016 new tanning lotions sneak peek I couldn't wait to write about it. Here's the new tanning lotions I find most intriguing for the tanning season

Homecoming 2015 is here for Pinellas County students and parents. Here's Extreme Tan Homecoming Tanning Deals for Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo and Countryside


3 Tanning Lotions for a Perfect Homecoming Tan

Tanning in the new Samsung Galaxy Edge Commercial

Labor Day weekend 2015 is here! Here's your Extreme Tan Labor Day weekend hours, tanning and spray tan specials for our Clearwater, Florida tanning salon.

3 Ways to Track the Progress of Your Tan

It's time for a Celebrity Tan Off. Which WAGS star has the best tan? Natalie Halcro or Olivia Pierson, both starring in the E! Online reality series WAGS.

About indoor tanning lotion Escapade by Designer Skin. Escapade is a bronzing, cooling tanning lotion that cools during and after tanning in a sunbed.

#Video Testing New Face Tanning Bulbs

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3 Ways to Improve Your Mood When There’s Been No Sun for Days #Tampa

The Best Fake Tanner for Vegans

How to Get a Perfect Tan From a Tanning Bed! Our certified staff can also help you get the perfect tan at abSOlute TAN!

Foods that will increase melanin production; darker tan, reverse skin damage from the sun

dress long, tight, plain, solid


Chris Colls, who's best known for shooting the Victoria's Secret angels, takes out his camera to once again do what he does best, capture a striking angel on the beach, this time it's the Danish belle Josephine Skriver who is posing for the summer 2014 issue of Porter Magazine.

cute bathing suit! love the top style and pattern!

Dream body and I want this bathing suite

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1.Defined abs aren’t the result of doing tons of crunches. Crunches don’t burn that many calories, so the best way to lose weight in your midsection and define your stomach is to do planks and other exercises that require the full use of your core (shoulders down to bum). Summer body! Workout plan easy and works! 23 pounds of fat loss in 3 week #women #dreambodies #inspiration #flat #tummy #belly