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More like this: red blood cells, electron microscope and dna.

Science: Biology


Darwin’s first sketch of the tree of life from one origin. Note the cross-bars for extinction — and that change is not conceived with some direction-as-progress. And notice Darwin’s simple words introducing the sketch, “I think…”

Taste Buds under a scanning electron microscope

trees grow scissor cells [red] that slowly "cut" the leaves off in fall (cool!)

www.photomacrogra... :: View topic - Diatoms on the water plant

20130626-DSLR_IMG_0108.jpg by pwnell, via Flickr Onion root tip dna stained - mitosis, 60x, DIC

Wood cells of Ilex aquifolium (holly), a tangential section, rays are visible.

Dahlia section

Newly discovered Y chromosome is so distinct that Albert Perry's male lineage probably separated from all others about 338,000 years ago--long before our species appeared.

This neuronal stem cell culture shows a rainbow of differentiation, with fluorescent tags that separate stem cells (orange/yellow) from their neuronal "offspring" (blue/green/purple).

Great for Study review! Anatomy of the Epidermis - Essential principles of human anatomy and physiology are presented, including basic chemistry, cell and tissue studies, and an overview of all the body systems. Intended as a survey course for certain allied health and social service programs, and as a general natural science course

Jicaro (Crescentia alata): Family: Bignoniaceae, Order: Lamiales; Asterids; Eudicots; species in the trumpet-flower family, native to southern Mexico and Central America south to Costa Rica; the shell is so hard that people use it for making ladles; horses are the only animals living today in Costa Rica with a bite strong enough to crack it

The vampire bat is the only species of bat that has retained its ability to maneuver on land, not only can they walk on land but they can also hop and run at surprisingly fast speeds!

Transplanted kidney (lower right). The donor kidney has been grafted to the patient's left iliac artery. During a kidney transplant the diseased kidney(s) are not removed.

X-ray of kidneys (green) & ureters (red - the vessels connecting the kidneys to the bladder, the red circular mass at bottom)

Myelomatosis. It is a cancer of the plasma cell, an important part of the immune system that produces immunoglobulins (antibodies) to help fight infection and disease.

American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) & Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) Skulls - Ventral View.

Robert Hooke - Scientist Who Discovered The Cell (no authentic picture of hooke is known, but alot of references to his looks were noted by his colleuges.)

Walrus (Odobenus Rosmarus) - Maxilla Section of the Skull with Tusks . Circa 19th Century.

Engineered Bacteria Produce Biofuel Alternative for High-Energy Rocket Fuel

Brain Changes Suggest Autism Starts In The Womb by JON HAMILTON March 26, 2014 6:30 PM Listen to the Story All Things Considered