Ezer Mizion, world's largest international Jewish bone marrow regisitry, provides many cancer support services both for the patient and his family.
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Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow Registry: He had been a tiny tot and his family didn't know if he would live. Little Avichai meets his live-saving donor. For his story, see video

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Four Friends at Ezer Mizion's Petting Zoo for Kids with Cancer: The bunny is my best friend... Read more:

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Numerous Purim parties are being held across the country for the elderly, sick, special needs children, disabled and many others! These activities are giving much needed respite and wonderful moments of happiness. Just see their tears of joy!

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Bone Marrow Donor Registry:

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Meet Nana (L) and Yafit (R), 2 newest members of Ezer Mizion's staff. They have been hired to join Ezer Mizion's Animal Therapy Petting Zoo to help young cancer patients cope with a monster named Cancer.

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Painted by 11 yr old Udi as a token of appreciation to Ezer Mizion. "I feel like a boat in a storm. I keep trying to release myself from the strong grip of the waves but they just keep pulling me under.” Read more:

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"Who me???! Undergo another shot?! Absolutely not! But...well...Maybe I can save a life...Aw, c'mon. It'll never happen...But what if..." Read more:

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Does power and financial success ensure life? Can an ElAl CEO 'fix things' when his grandson's life is in danger? Read more:

Grandma and Me: 6 year old Ilai needed a bone marrow transplant to save his life. So did his grandmother. "We're in this together," they said to each other with a grin. "Every week we have story time. Not Curious George but blood readings. Only if the story is good, though." Ezer Mizion's International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry found matches for them both. "We fought a war on 2 fronts...and won, thanks to Ezer Mizion!"

One of 20,000 at a recent drive to register at Ezer Mizion's International Jewish Bone Marrow Registry. It's just a little Q-tip but it may someday save a life.

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