30 Shots Infographic by Donald Bullach

30 Shots Infographic Is it an info graphic, or a recipe list? Either way, this poster shows what's inside 30 of the most popular and iconic shooters.

Food you should never feed your dog

What not to feed your dog Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Animals, Education, Lifestyle category. Check out What not to feed your dog now!

Pairing Wine and Food Infographic

5 Tips to Perfect Food and Wine Pairing

Pairing Wine + Food Show off your wine knowledge with this awesome food + wine pairing chart. It's a decisive infographic that invites a closer look.

National Park Stamp Icons

boston green logo inspiration // Valerie Jar: National Park Stamp Icons, for the National Parks by National Geographic app, an inter­ac­tive guide to the U.‘s national parks. You collect the stamp when you visit kinda cool in a geeky tourist way.



fusion of ampersand and anchor -- obsessed with these two symbols and i dont know why

Flight Tag Prints by Neil Stevens

Minimalist Graphic Posters Inspired By Vintage Baggage Tags - by Neil Stevens

Typeverything.com - TRAFIQ by Miklós Kiss. ...

A beautiful use of playful, yet classic ligatures in this logo for a Budapest night club. Here the ‘r’ and ‘f’ in the logotype complete the letter next to them. It was designed by Miklós Kiss, a Hungarian graphic designer


John John Crisps Packaging by Peter Schmidt Group. More vintage inspired design. The bold color graphic accent and numbers are the most interesting. The small illustration is not as effective in my opinion.

Flight Tag Prints by Neil Stevens

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