I feel like I'm equal split between Taurus and Gemini but this is definitely me.

Daily Horoscope Taureau- Zodiac Mind Your source for Zodiac Facts : Photo Daily Horoscope Taureau 2017 Description Once a Taurus finds someone they can trust and relate to it is incredibly difficult for them to give that person up

I don't even understand myself.

See people, it isn't my fault you don't get me.I'm a Gemini, nobody gets me! We're geminis, we all have multiple sides

That's just sad, I'm gonna leave the Aries tag.

Aries has the worst time coping with = abandonment, anything that causes physical and/or mental pain and personal failure True. I`ve been through abandonment and mental pain as well s personal failure and I dont cope well with it at all

I'm Gemini (air) and Cancer (water) Cusp. My sun sign is Gemini (air). My moon sign is Aries (fire). My rising sign is Capricorn (earth). I have all of elements. But my dominant element is air.

The cusp of energy.

wiccateachings: “ Where you born on a Cusp between two star signs, You may have character traits from two star signs. Below is a description of the cusp signs. Aries-Taurus - Watch out world, here.>>I'm Cusp of Sensitivity and Rebirth.

Apparently I'm in the fun crew. Who knew.

The fun crew! I'm the Leo, my wife the Gemini ☺️ Interesting to know who the Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries are.

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