Continents Study

We love learning about geography! To comply with the US Copyright Office, section 107, all of my Pinterest boards and pins are for "criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research" as well as for nonprofit, educational purposes"... I am not a lawyer, but tried to make sense of this:

Continents Study

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Continent Box Challenge Printables {editable}

Continent Box Challenge {with Printables} - 1+1+1=1

We Have Been Misled By An Erroneous Map Of The World For 500 Years fascinating video

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Love this! Animals Globe by Round World

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LOVE Google Lit Trips! Combines Google Earth with read around the world.

Google Lit Trips - Dec 8, 2009 - Google, Google Earth - Teq Blog

Another me on the map flip book idea

Sunny Days in Second Grade: The Effects of Blogstalking

teaching landforms

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Geography Notebooking pages

Mama Jenn: MFW ECC

Continent cards for mini salt dough maps from Montessori Workjobs

montessori workjobs: salt dough maps

Let's Learn About the World Sheet from The Homeschool Den

The Homeschool Den: Free Downloads from The Homeschool Den

World Biomes Pin Map from The Homeschool Den

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See what the weather is like in different countries on a given day.

Weather Around the World - Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting

Great Continents Study Resources from Practical Pages

Geography | Practical Pages

Pin Punching Continents

Cultivated Lives: Pinning Down Africa!

free printable geography fact cards

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Continent Kit Collection

Continent Kit Collection from Montessori for Everyone
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    Jennifer Davis


Continents and Oceans Printables

World Wide Wanderings: Continents & Oceans Printable

Printable currency from any country!

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The book folds out like this. One pocket with maps attached for each continent.

Interactive Homeschooling: Geography

roll one continent cube, and one body part cube :)

Education Cubes Giveaway!

Made by Montessori Preschool World. Saw it first as part of Patjimmat's Favorites and then, saw that it was made by preschool children under the direction of a parent. So neat! Photo by Normanack on Flickr.

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links to geography printables

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Maps, continents, and directions

A 2nd Grade Adventure: Ahoy, Mateys

Wonderful High School World Geography & Cultures Curriculum (free)

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Lots of free geography resources: flag printables, lesson plan ideas, and notebooking pages

Free Geography Printables