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The golden Shrine of Charlemagne, made in Aachen in 1215, still houses the emperor's remains (except for the bits kept in reliquaries in the Treasury). On the front gable Charlemagne is shown enthroned between Pope Leo III and Archbishop Turpin of Reims. The long sides of the shrine depict 16 rulers who donated to the shrine. The other gable has the Virgin Mary flanked by the archangels Gabriel and Michael. Above them are the personified virtues of faith, charity and hope.

"Shrine of Mary (Marienschrein)"; gilted wood casket containing the decapitation cloth of Saint John the Baptist, the swaddling cloth and loin cloth of Jesus, and the cloak of the Blessed Virgin; x x Aachen Cathedral, Germany

st michael hildesheim - Căutare Google

St Michaels Church in Hildesheim, Germany. It's an early Romanesque abbey church very similar to the one in the unrealized Plan of St. It is currently in Lutheran hands.

san Michele ad Hildesheim

Also in Germany - Not bronze, but very old wood and very beautiful - one of the "Cologne Romanesque Churches" - St Maria im Kapitol - has a set of doors with painted bas-relief wooden panels.