Pickup Fabs in FabCafe Barcelona

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Sorprendente estante de cartón

Sorprendente estante de cartón

This man is headless because he continues to staple folded cardboard to his walls for shelving. After five concussions from objets d'art crashing upon his skull, hospitals will no longer admit him because they can't treat stupidity.

Electroloom has early designs for a 3-D printer that can make on-demand apparel. And with a new grant, it may be able to print ready to wear by year's end.

This 3-D Printer Will Make Clothes You’d Actually Wear

printing may soon be changing the way we look at clothes. While still very much in the planning stages, the Electroloom printer is predicted to be printing clothes by the end of The Ele…

laser cut mdf?

Green Furniture: Laser Shelf This bookshelf was so cleverly laser cut. There is close to no waste. The laser cutting offers a natural hinging effect which is taken advantage of to form the shelves. So clever. They also got the green design award in Sweden

Lasercut Easter Eggs at FabCafe Barcelona

Lasercut Easter Eggs at FabCafe Barcelona