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OMG this is so adorable! It's almost like an empathetic nod to the comics because if a sorcerer isn't used to casting spells, or if they've been casting them for a long time, then it takes a toll on their body and when Strange started casting spells, he was vomiting for about 3 days. So it's almost like the cloak is helping him eat and stay nourished when he was sick.

The cloak of levitation is in love with Doctor Strange somehow-Of course it is! He's Benedict Cumberbatch!

Oh my.

I agree wholeheartedly that Loki is infinitely better than Odin. This scene proves Loki loved a mortal once or even still does. Look at his face as he speaks. He is trying to save his brother from the heartbreak.

I give so many props to Steven Moffatt for making this relationship my favorite on Doctor Who, I pretty much love every decision he's made with it, even when I'm sobbing on the couch at this scene..

You are always here to me - River Song and the Doctor crying- Doctor Who

Image result for drarry marvel crossover

Image result for drarry marvel crossover

30 Funny Captain America Memes #Captain America #Funny

Captain America [gifset] - Steve Rogers + Peggy Carter (I'm not gung-ho about "Steggy" but not sure "Cartogers" works better, although it does make me think of cartography, so that's a plus.