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there are two pictures of the same desk in this room, and one is empty
Do you (or someone you know) do a lot of craft projects? This craft table with pigeon holes will let you keep everything tidy, organised and close at hand. theownerbuilderne… It’s easy to build and modify to fit your own room as it is basically three shelves connected by the table top frames.
several different types of plants are hanging on the wall
Wall-Mounted Planters are Ideal for Herbs and Small Spaces - Countryside
Are you like me and enjoy fresh herbs? I enjoy the scent wafting from them as they grow indoors. Many wall-mounted planters are designed to take up small amounts of …
an open box with some electronics in it on the bottom shelf and another electronic device inside
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“Electricity is scarce in most #OffGridHomes and charging things with solar power needs to be efficient as possible. We thought you might like to see some cool ways to store all of your electronics in a single space while they're charging might be cool. We think these are some pretty cool ideas. Please like, comment, ask questions and share if you agree!”
the stairs in this house are made out of wood and black metal, with bookshelves
Design Detail - A Suspended Steel Staircase
#Construir es el ARTE de CReAR Infraestructura... #CReOConstrucciones y…
the stairs are made of wood and have been designed to look like an abstract piece of art
SDM APARTMENT | Arqmov Workshop
SDM APARTMENT, Mumbai, Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop #staircase
the inside of a wooden boat looking out at water and land through a round window
Perché sur le bord nord-ouest d'une île privée, à quelques kilomètres de Toronto, la Grotte sauna est un espace sculpté par le studio Partisans
a wooden wall with a light that is on top of it in the shape of a globe
3D Printing Industry-The Authority on 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing
Loxodrome Sconce | 3D Printing Wonders | 8-inch 3D printed Loxodrome Lamp, which illuminates a double spiral of light onto the wall using stereographic projection.
two pictures of the inside of a house with wooden stairs and tables in it,
13 Stair Design Ideas For Small Spaces
13 Stair Design Ideas For Small Spaces | A ribbon staircase is a great idea for a small space because it’s more vertical than a traditional staircase, it still has wide treads, and it creates a unique focal point in your home.
the bed is made up and ready to be used for someone's bedroom or office
Bedroom Design Idea - Place Your Bed On A Raised Platform
BEDROOM DESIGN IDEA - Place Your Bed On A Raised Platform // This bed sitting on platform made of reclaimed logs adds a rustic yet contemporary feel to the large bedroom.
there is a closet under the stairs in this room
beautiful foundations
Storage heaven: make use of the space underneath the stairs... Clever built in cupboards. Follow rickysturn/diy-home-decor