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Guardiões da Galáxia Vol. 2 | Veja Rocket, Yondu, Ego e mais em novas fotos | Notícia | Omelete

A huge batch of promotional artwork for Marvel& Guardians of the Galaxy sequel has found its way online, providing great new looks at the core team members, as well as some of the new recruits.

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Regarding the first image, the way I draw the hip area and legs in general is pretty exaggerated, I remove a lot of muscle and curve the bones. The left of each set is more correct if you’re aiming to.

Wow, just WOW - 9GAG If anyone knows where to find the rest of this or even what it's called please let me know

For anyone who somehow still thinks Harley Quinn and the Joker are a good couple. You're fucking idiots. The Joker is the worst thing that ever happened to an incredibly kind woman, and she's finally realized it.