Christmas Cheer- Kindness at Christmas time

Ideas & Inspirations for Random Acts of Kindness at Christmas time- otherwise known as A RACK
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Best Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens and the Elderly - excellent suggestions, plus specific purchasing details.

Best Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens and the Elderly

Adopting a Nursing Home for Christmas......great ideas in the comments

Santas For Seniors (YOU can help!) | Southern Plate

Random Act of Christmas Kindness - Goody bags for senior citizens.

Day 17 - Random Act of Christmas Kindness - Seniors

We did this every year for Christmas and I really learned the true meaning of Christmas, will do with my own. 12 Days of Christmas!

it will change your life: Studio 5 - Family Gift Exchanges

Printable poem and tags for 12 days of Christmas. Great neighbor gift idea and a neat way for the whole family to get involved in giving to others at Christmastime.

Free Printable The12 Days of Christmas Tags

286 Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas-It's All Here! plus You've Been Jingled - Christmas Neighbor Gift ideas

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Fun Christmas Eve tradition - the "Ring and Run" dinner!

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You're the "BALM" Christmas Printables - simple, fun gift idea!

You're the BALM - Christmas Printables - UCreate

12 Days of Christmas Kindness freebie! The Christmas season is the perfect time to reinforce acts of kindness with children. This activity prompts children to participate in a different act of kindness each day while trimming off Santa's long beard.

12 Days of Christmas Kindness (Editable) Whimsy Workshop Teaching

R.A.C.K.E.D-Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. adorable tag!

Across the Hall in 2nd: You’ve Been R.A.C.K.ed {a FREEBIE}

Speckled Egg: Surprise Snowballs

Speckled Egg: Surprise Snowballs

And speaking of Christmas Dinner… I so enjoy taking a plate of food or treats to someone working the night shift on Christmas Eve. Simply pull up to the drive-thru window of your local 24-hour pharmacy and pass the tired employee a Christmas feast.

10 Tradition Ideas for a Magical Christmas Eve

Looking for a meaningful Christmas countdown? These Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Printables will help you focus on the real meaning of the season while making precious family memories.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Printables

Such+a+great+gift+idea!+A+Rudolph+FREE+printable+and+some+amazing+lip+balm!+Love! 12+Days+of+Christmas

Rudolph Christmas Gift::Bloggers Best 12 Days of Christmas

No name age and birthday but put the rest below and find your secret sister from Pinterest

Autumn-Bennett: Secret Sister Survey

Secret Santa Sign-Up Form for Teachers | Secret Pal Ideas for Teachers

Secret Santa Sign-Up Form for Teachers

santa survey for drawing names

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5 websites to help plan a Secret Santa gift exchange

Shh! 5 Websites to Start Your Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Secret Santa Gifts for a Dollar

A Thrifter in Disguise: Secret Santa Saturday: Gifts for a Dollar


Secret Santa Questionnaire for Teachers

Secret Santa Forms -- good idea! Used this for work - Really cute!

Secret Santa sign-up sheet

RAOHC Free Printable

Random Acts of Holiday Cheer {Week of Giving 2013}

Ideas on what to pack in a BOYS 10-14 year old Operation Christmas Child shoe box. This is one of the least packed for age groups.

Ideas for a BOY 10-14 Shoe Box | Clip With Purpose

21st birthday gift

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Secret Santa!!! 15 christmas Gift Ideas Under 2.00 (USD)- these are all really really clever and cute.

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