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    Eveline Euser
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    Eveline Euser

    Eveline Euser

    On the picture my lovely dogs Zohran and Juno. I collect Ellowyne Wilde dolls. I have wide interests, a few are displayed on my Pinterest page.

    Ellowyne Tyler Pattern Perfect Patterns Style 148 MEDIEVALE

    Barbie Dollhouse Bar by SS-Designs Doll Interiors, via Flickr

    LADY ELLOWYNE'S GARDEN PARTY (1920S) DRESS for ELLOWYNE WILDE includes Hat, Gloves, Stockings & Necklace, by ssdesigns via eBay SOLD 6/6/15 BIN $65.99

    ELLOWYNE'S COUNTRY-GIRL CHIC OUTFIT with Denim Hat, Necklace & Gingham Handbag, by ssdesigns via eBay, SOLD 4/25/15 BIN $49.99

    ELLOWYNE'S NEW ATTITUDE FOR FALL! FOR 16" ELLOWYNE, by ssdesigns via eBay - SOLD 10/4/15 BIN $79.99

    One of the cutest deer hair clips you will ever see. Designed and handmade by me, from my Woodland Creatures Collection, the Woodland Deer Ribbon Sculpture Hair Clip by EllaBellaBowsWI

    lavender dress for the summer, design by Milk Tea

    "OOAK FRESH FOR FALL! FOR 16: ELLOWYNE. MADE BY SSDESIGNS | eBay" #repin #fashion #dolls

    Ravelry: CindyLew's Owls for Ellowyne

    Look #2 - Mix n Match - She shopped Till She Dropped Yet Again for 16" Ellowyne Made by Ssdesigns | eBay SOLD 4/5/14 BIN $72.99

    LIZETTE'S "WEEKEND CHIC! for Ellowyne Wilde, Etc, by ssdesigns via eBay, SOLD 11/15/14 $75.99

    LIZETTE'S PRETTY PLAID PERFECTION! for Ellowyne Wilde, Etc, by ssdesigns via eBay, SOLD 11/15/14 $76.99

    LIZETTES, "IN THE PINK FOR FALL!" for Ellowyne Wilde, Etc. by ssdesigns via eBay, SOLD 11/8/14 $76.99

    3-DAY-OOAK-Winter-Fashion-by-WS-fits-Ellowyne-Wilde, by jkinmcd via eBay ends Mon 1/19/15 Bid $39.99

    Ellowyne Wilde in Arina fashions.

    OOAK-Fashion-by-WS-fits-Ellowyne-Wilde-by-Tonner-Co. SOLD for $50.99 on 2/4/15

    OOAK Winte Fashion Ensemble with Corduroy Jacket, knit Top, pleated Skirt, Beret, Shoulder Bag and Jewelry by Wardrobe Secrets for Ellowyne, jkinmcd on eBay ends Fr 2/13/15. SOLD for $122.49

    Plaid Dress, Appliqued Cape, Hat, Gloves & Handbag by ssdesigns 09/2012

    Autumn Plaid Dress w/fringed hem, Matching Purse, Hand-knit Sweater and Hat, by ssdesigns 09/2012