Scuba dive in between two continents at the Silfra fissure.

This Is What It Looks Like To Dive Between Continents

Scuba Dive in between the North American and Eurasian continents--Silfra Fissure, Iceland

Scuba Diving Magazine's 2013 Photo Contest Winners ... HONORABLE MENTION: CAVE by Pietro Formis - Ras Mohammed, Egypt

Magazine's 2013 Photo Contest Winners

Scuba Diving Magazine's 2013 Photo Contest Winners CAVE by Pietro Formis - Ras Mohammed, Egypt

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While in South Carolina I'd like to take scuba diving classes and get my scuba certification.That way I could dive down into the deep blue sea and see its hidden treasures. I like scuba!

under the sea

just look at the world around you right here on the ocean floor, such wonderful things surround you! Under the sea.-Sebastian, The Little Mermaid

Definitely have to do this! Scuba Diving in the Tectonic Plate Gap Between North American and Eurasian plates near Iceland

Drifting apart: Amazing underwater photos that show the growing gap between two tectonic plates

Between to continents . The small gap between Europe and North America A diver swims between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates in Silfra Canyon, Thingvellir National Park, Iceland.

Best of 2012: Photography | From up North

Freediving in Ras Mohammed National Park, near Sharm el-Sheikh. Photograph by Jacques de Vos. black and white photograph

This quote is seriously so true. I could scuba dive in a pool and be completely happy just being in the water!

Scuba- one of the most relaxing feelings in the world, even if there isn't much around to see

Scuba diving with an ocean sunfish

Shared via 'Reg Saddler & Khalid Al-Kalla Thanks! Damn that's a big fish! Amazing marine photographer Richard Herrmann shot this picture in open sea off San Diego. The ocean sunfish Mola Mola is one of the largest fish in the world.