Me when my professor tries to talk to me about my grade


This movie! And basically all of the Winnie the Pooh from this era- I miss it! I love Pooh.

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.ben and jerrys graveyard MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE icecream and weird facts ONLY

swimming bunny (this is awesome!!)

‘Like A Duck To Water’: Heidi The Bunny Eases Arthritis With Swimming Lessons

Sometimes you just need to see a bunny swimming with a life jacket on.

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

blue whale’s facts A blue whale’s fart bubbles are large enough to enclose a horse. MORE OF WTF FACTS are coming HERE disney, movie and fun facts

Reasonable question.

Why Does Toilet Paper Need A Commercial?: Why Does Toilet Paper Need A Commercial? Who is not buying this? I think they pretty much have market penetrat

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I hate it when this happens. Like im sorry i dont get ur stupid joke that doesn't mean u can make a fool out of me.