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How to Create a Pet Friendly Home for Your Lovable Dogs and Funny Cats // Ideas for Pet Care // Did we Mention We Can't Get Enough of Adorable Dogs and Funny Cats?

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A question that most pet owners grapple with is whether to buy insurance for their pet or not. While there’s no one size fits all answer for this inquiry, there are definitely things to consider that will lead you in the right direction. Let’s check out whether you should or shouldn’t purchase insurance for your …

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How to socialize your dog

Whether you’re getting a new puppy or older dog, it’s essential to train them to be social with both other dogs and humans in a happy, healthy way. Depending on your dog’s history or even just their personality, some dogs can be rather shy or anxious making them a little nerve-wracking to be around. The …

Whether it's a brush of the leg with a purr-fect greeting or an angry yowl, cat noises have many translations. Crack the code and learn the cat language. Cat Sneezing, Cat Noises, Matou, Lots Of Cats, Cat Health, Stock Foto, The Body Shop, Cats And Kittens, Dog Cat

Tips to Help Pet Anxiety

Both dogs and cats can deal with anxiety and the sometimes painful habits that come with it. Anxiety among pets is actually a very common issue, but luckily there are some things that can be done to help. Let’s take a look at what can be done for dogs and cats that need help with …

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How to kitten-proof small spaces

Who doesn’t love the sight of an adorable fluffy kitten? Pretty much everyone can agree kittens are one of the cutest creatures on the planet. They’re also one of the most curious. If you’ve ever dealt with bringing a new kitten home then you’re probably aware that they love to explore and get into everything. …

These 10 elements of a cozy home will give you a variety of warm and cozy living room ideas. Learn how to make your living more cozy and inviting! Tips for a higgle lifestyle. Get the fall higgle aesthetic going with these tricks.

Essential flea season hacks

A common nightmare for every pet owner is going about your day in your nice clean apartment, only to find a flea pop up from out of nowhere. You thought your place was free of fleas and then all of a sudden it becomes apparent you’ve got a problem. It may not be a major flea …

When it comes to zero-waste pet care, there's little helpful, non-judgey info out there. Especially when it comes to pet food. But we've got you covered! Love Your Pet, Your Dog, Diy Dog Treats, Dog Insurance, Sustainable Food, Healthy Pets, Homemade Dog Food, Pet Health, Dog Care

Sustainable and healthy pet food options

If sustainability and your pet’s health are important to you, then chances are you might have already invested in top of the line pet food. If you haven’t had time to dive into the rabbit hole of healthy pet food, we’re gathering some of the best brands to try. Although sustainable pet food might be …

Healthy Treats For Your Pup - Fairfield Residential Healthy Treats, How To Run Longer, Pet Care, Fur Babies, Cute Dogs, Funny Cats, Pup, Blog, Animals

Healthy Treats For Your Pup - Fairfield Residential

You know that look. The “I want treats” look. The nose starts twitching, and the pouty eyes begin begging. It’s hard to say no to your fur baby, isn’t it? It’s natural to want to spoil them with yummy treats, but in the long run, it’s not ideal for their health. But luckily there are healthy …

3 Charities That Benefit Pets - Fairfield Residential Pet Care, Fur Babies, Cute Dogs, Funny Cats, Charity, Pup, Creatures, Kitty, Blog

3 Charities That Benefit Pets - Fairfield Residential

It’s no secret that here at Fairfield Residential we’re huge pet lovers. We consider these furry creatures our family and that’s why we’re so devoted to making your fur baby’s home the best it can be. But what about the kitties and pups that don’t have a home to live in? As much as we’d …

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How to Camp with Your Pet - Fairfield Residential

Camping is made so much better with man’s best friend, right? There’s no one who will appreciate the great outdoors more than your dog, or if you’re lucky, your cat too! Getting out in the middle of nowhere and letting your dog run free sounds ideal. While that is possible if you know the right spots to …

How to Protect Your Pet From Fleas - Fairfield Residential How To Protect Yourself, Fleas, Pet Care, Cute Dogs, Funny Cats, Your Pet, Things To Come, Blog, Funny Kitties

How to Protect Your Pet From Fleas - Fairfield Residential

When it comes to pets, there might not be another issue that makes a fur parent’s skin crawl like the one we’re about to discuss. Yup, we’re talking about fleas. Those bugs that not only drive your pet crazy but us humans as well. Flea infestations are one of our worst nightmares as pet owners. …

Take A State Park Road Trip With Your Pup - Fairfield Residential Outdoor Landscaping, Pet Care, State Parks, Cute Dogs, Funny Cats, Your Dog, Pup, Road Trip, Winter Hats

Take A State Park Road Trip With Your Pup - Fairfield Residential

Road trips are always more fun when your dog is able to come along. At Fairfield Residential, our pets are family. If they can go on vacation with us, we’re taking them! What’s more fun for your pup than exploring new outdoor landscapes such as trails and campgrounds? For that very reason, we’ve gathered a list …

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Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats - Fairfield Residential

Did you know that some plants and flowers are toxic to cats? Being the curious creatures that they are, cats can sometimes make themselves sick by munching on various plants around the house. It’s still a mystery why these little carnivores like to snack on grass and other plants. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure …

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5 Pet Adoption Tips - Fairfield Residential

To celebrate Pup Culture here at Fairfield Residential, we want to bring you some solid tips that will first, help you decide whether you’re ready to adopt a new fur baby and second, will make the process much more clear and simple. If this is your first time adopting a pet, read our tips below! …

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How to Twin with Your Pet - Fairfield Residential

Have you heard of the new human and pet twinning phenomena? Prepare to be blown away. Yes, it’s now common practice that humans are dressing to match their dogs and cats…and it’s only getting more and more popular. Thanks to the iconic Instagram human/dog duo Topher Brophy and Rosenberg the Dog (styled by The Dog Styler) …

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9 Adorable DIY Pet Hacks - Fairfield Residential

We’ll do almost anything for our pets, right? If you’re more on the creative side, instead of running out to the pet store (or ordering on Amazon!) for all your pet supplies, toys and treats, thanks to the internet you can easily find out how to make your own DIY versions or hacks. There are …

Best Doggie Shampoos for Grooming Your Pup - Fairfield Residential Dog Washing Station, Dog Spa, Dog Shampoo, Dog Grooming, Pet Care, Cute Dogs, Funny Cats, Pup, Blog

Best Doggie Shampoos for Grooming Your Pup - Fairfield Residential

Many of our new Fairfield communities offer dog grooming spaces and spas. Both Mave Apartments and Talia Apartments feature dog spas that include a dog washing station, grooming table, and drying station. All you need to bring is your favorite doggie shampoo to get your pup looking pristine in no time. Whether you’re looking for …