Prince Harry

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Prince Harry Photos: Prince Harry Visits Paignton Rugby Club

Harry was prepared for any weather in a raincoat and wore navy and green socks with his football trainers

Prince Harry and Prince William have a right royal kickabout

Prepared to kill: Prince Harry at Camp Bastion

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12 Stevie Nicks Quotes To Live By

Mark Wahlberg - His brother is way sexier but way to go bro in law lol

Mark Wahlberg Will Always Be The Sexiest Man Alive (PHOTOS)

also-am-i: speak-softly-my-love: also-am-i: speak-softly-my-love: Jack Sparrow    has nothing on you Ice.heart. That bad boy in you is deliciously wicked…..thank-you….. It takes a naughty girl to appreciate a bad boy. Thank you for that. BTW. You haven’t seen anything yet… You’re just full of surprises….I underestimated you :))) really did. You thought I was just another average guy….;))))) I plead the 5th  lolol

Wishes Do Come True


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POPSUGAR Celebrity

Start off your morning with some eye candy photos of Channing Tatum.

36 Beautiful Pictures Of Channing Tatum

Johnny Depp, male actor, glasses, fingers, hand, long hair style, eye candy, sexy guy, steaming hot, celeb, famous, portrait, photo b/w.

Afternoon eye candy: Johnny Depp (30 photos)

fashion male icon: Johnny Depp Photograph: Matt Sayles/AP

The 10 best male fashion icons - in pictures

Johnny Depp...that's all you need to know.

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Jimmy Fallon, whose face is also inspirational...maybe I should just create a board of "hot guys" Sounds good.

Five reasons why Jimmy Fallon is in my Top 5

Tom Waits

Tom Waits.

“I met my wife, she was a, uh, a elevator operator at the Taft Hotel. And we were stuck in the elevator together. The door wouldn’t open. And it stayed like that for a long time. And I didn’t call for help. And neither did she.” — Tom Waits I love Tom Waits

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What I wouldn't give to meet Tom Waits in a dark, seedy bar.

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Tom Waits wonderful version of "Waltzing Matilda" tired of all the soldiers....(me too)

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kate middleton - matthew williamson dress.

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Kat Von D- being as I am a woman, I mostly dislike other women, but she is one of the few that I could easily hang around with.

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Kat Von D. I'd love to get a tattoo by her! Or at least meet her!

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Watch Ariana Grande Crack Up Jimmy Fallon During "Ew!": Jimmy Fallon has welcomed a ton of guests to the "Ew!"

Watch Ariana Grande Crack Up Jimmy Fallon During "Ew!"

1 500 Glamour Magazine Article: My New Life By Jimmy Fallon

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stevie nicks

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