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Have You Ever Noticed This? Whoa... <------ DUUUUUUDE!!!!!!! Holy crap!!!!! That's insane!!!!

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So Robert Downey Jr just uploaded a 9GAG post to his Facebook page. Brilliant, simply brilliant!

"Sometimes we forget the hundreds of people responsible for turning us actors into super heroes. Here's a glimpse at where we'd be without them." -Robert Downey Jr. I lost it at giant mark ruffalo

If this was my house, I'd have a little boat and wear a mask and paddle about pretending to be the Phantom. I'd just paddle around and when someone comes in is be at the door wait for them

I didn't choose the fandom life. The fandom life knocked down my door, gave me a squashed birthday cake, and told me I was a wizard. I didn't choose the fandom life. Fandom life crashed my party, stole somebody's eyeball, looked at me, and said 'KNEEL.'

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Yer a broccoli, Harry

Did someone say prank?? Funny billboards sign chewbacca april fools prank roar contest wife phone number