10 Verses for a Rough Day @kalenskinner I totally thought of you! Our verses for our hard days. xoxo

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I'm writing this letter after thirty two years of experience being married to a wonderful woman. She was logical, caring, and taught me a lot. I loved how devoted she was to me and our marriage. In...

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A Letter To My Daughter On Her First Birthday

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20 Ways of a Godly Wife based on Proverbs 31. This helps make the poetry of these verses practical. (I agree with all but #12... I think the point is something else there.)

A few years ago when I first started blogging, I wrote a post about How To Start A Prayer Journal and it has been floating around Pinterest a lot lately, so I thought it was time to update the post…

A Letter To The Overwhelmed Mom

Dear wife who's married to a jerk...

Why Fighting Means You Care

Shouldn't we have this marriage thing figured out by now?

Never underestimate the power of a soft word. Marriage is full of little hurdles to jump. Sometimes you even have to scale a mountain or two in an effort to make progress. I wish relationships were...

What it feels like to have anxiety--and what you can do to help

Dear husbands, I need your attention for a minute or two. I want to talk about something  important. It's so important that it keeps me up at night trying to figure it out. I can promise you this, ...

Here are some things I've learned about love: It is not something that “happens” to you. It is not something you “fall into.” It does not occur at, “first sight.” This my friends, is called infatua...

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This world is so scary sometimes. I had to stop watching the news because it was so depressing. Fear is something we battle our whole lives. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, or child. It h...

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