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I know when Satan puts bad thoughts in my head. When he tries to tell me something that gets to me. When I know it shouldn't. I bubble inside... I tell my self to block him out... but his thoughts he puts in my head sometimes overwhelm me. The best thing I do is plead God to push those thoughts out. But sometimes... I just need reassurance from what is on my heart and crowding my head.

Spending time with God puts everything else into perspective. Set aside that quiet time to hear His voice

I was cornered. I was caught off guard one time. I tried to explain my religion and God. I forgot to say the right things but seeing this is really something. Yes, I cant quite verbalize everything about God and how He changed me and how He is my Father now and all but it can be made through experience. Lots of prayers, Betina. Lots and lots for them to experience too, the awesome love of God.

God's love can't be explained. One just can't even begin to explain or describe the words God speaks to your heart. it's an experience.


Love the booths, of course the tights are great too. Printed Tights Small/Medium Art Nouveau Pattern Purple and Silver

Just when I go back to school

it wont work probably but its for fun ;Da `Well thanks, now I have to wait three days just for my wish to come true

Faith - Luke says faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.

Quite possibly the best party of the month

Quite possibly the best party of the month…