Fajar Prihatsiwi

Fajar Prihatsiwi

Fajar Prihatsiwi
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Let's make better mistakes tomorrow.

"Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow." Let’s be the boss. Let’s take the boss down. Let’s order too much of something just to see where our limits are. Let’s take a chance precisely because it might fail.

words to live by

You can't buy it. You can't make it. And you sure can't fake it." --- Charisma - the ability that someone whose calling is to be a light for the people were given.

My Favorite

You're my absolute without a doubt favorite reason to lose sleep. I love our late night phone calls. If I am going to lose sleep your my favorite reason why.

Words to live by.

Walking away, with your head held high is dignity. Walking away with head held high and a gleam in your eye is called self-esteem. Walking away with your head held high and a gleam in your eye and pride in your stride is called cockiness. Walking away .

All things are possible to those who believe...

[SOUL RICH THOUGHTS] We've always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible.