For Mitt

For Mitt

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  • Cali Gordon
    Cali Gordon

    BOBAMA!!! Carrie Linnell

  • Maude Boayue
    Maude Boayue

    Bo is the president of the dogs and my dog Bronx is the dog vice president

We love our dog

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Our dog is always warm

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Obama and Bo :)

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  • Night Leaf
    Night Leaf

    Aww! :)

  • Silvia Ivan
    Silvia Ivan

    Nice workout :)

  • Social Media Sugar
    Social Media Sugar


  • Victoria St John
    Victoria St John

    I just wanna hang out at the & movie night seems so possible...just sayin...

These dogs are loved

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Dog safety

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Dog car seat

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The "BreezeGuard" is a protective cage that mounts into a car door allowing the dog to enjoy the breeze in safety.

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  • Elena Marsland
    Elena Marsland

    why didn't I think of that????

  • Amanda Zundel
    Amanda Zundel

    My "breeze guard" is lowering the window only enough for him to stick his head and head only out of the window only if he tries really hard. :)