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truck camping — very similar to our own version

Off Road Enhancements - Sleeping Platform - Tacoma trucks - Tacoma Sleeping Platform By: Photoleif Date: Here's my most recent mod -- a sturdy sleeping platform suitable for two plus gear.

“Bodies have their own light which they consume to live: they burn, they are not lit from the outside.”  ― Egon Schiele

irene-eroticfanzine: “ Dear Londoner friends, you are lucky today! The Michael Hoppen Gallery has just launched its new exhibition about Brett Weston nude photographs. It is called Brett Weston: Nudes & Dunes and you definitely need to see these.

Don't Fix It in Post: These Techniques Will Help You Record Better Location Sound

Though ADR is unavoidable sometimes, it can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating as hell. That& why it& imperative to know how to record good location audio so you get it right the first time.

Shooting Guerrilla Style (At Your Own Risk): The 8 Tips You Need to Know

Shooting Guerilla Style (At Your Own Risk): The 8 Tips You Need to Know: Keep Your Crew as Small as Possible Shoot on a DSLR Hide the Audio Avoid Using a Tripod Choose the Right Locations Work Quickly Don't Forget to Plan Tell Them It's a Student Film

LUTs & the Film Look – The Why & the How -

Witness essay film techniques list “Witness” by Peter Weir Essay. In his film witness peter weir criticizes aspects of modern society by contrasting it to, are shown in various film techniques.