O espaço em que vivemos todos os dias afeta diretamente o nosso corpo, nosso humor e a nossa produtividade e é por isso que organizar a casa torna a vida muito mais simples. Veja ideias.

45 ideias úteis de organização da casa

I love all the clear containers, and the idea of everything having it's place - regular cleaning and food rotation would be a must (as it always should be) to keep things de-cluttered and spill free

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what's in my pencil case [pt - requested - An overview of my pencil case! (I use the Kipling 100 pens case !

12 ideias aconchegantes e criativas para quartos pequenos | Catraca Livrehttps://catracalivre.com.br/geral/invencoes-ideias/indicacao/12-ideias-aconchegantes-e-criativas-para-quartos-pequenos/#jp-carousel-784942

12 ideias aconchegantes e criativas para quartos pequenos

Built in bed. The bed looks so cozy surrounded on three sides like that and you have room for so many books at your immediate disposal! Or you can just make it a reading nook :)


20 despensas super organizadas para você se inspirar

Traditional Kitchen by Neat Method San Diego. Walk-in pantry. Clear food storage containers, such as glass jars, and cookbooks organized by color helped make this pantry the most popular photo of