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You don’t stay in business for over a century without learning a thing or two. Telescope Casual has learned plenty; like how to design and manufacturer some of the most attractive, durable, and inspired casual patio furniture on the market.

American kids spend an average of 7 hours a day staring at screens. Seven hours of screen time a day!!! O-M-G.

The Parsons Pool Table by Plank & Hide - Elegance and masculinity working in perfect harmony.

Despite the upheaval in our nation right now, no, because of it, it is even more important that we center ourselves, that we dial down; that we consider the holiday that is just around the corner in a real and vital way.

If a typical Thanksgiving for you is pass the turkey, turn on the football, fight with your cousin, wear your fat pants, belch and complain about black Friday, I gotta say you are missing out on the best part of the holiday.

11.5 Ft Cantilevered Umbrella. 3 way tilt w/ Handle, Crank & Foot Pedal. Beautiful Desert Bronze Pole Finish and All-Weather Sunbrella Fabric.

So, you’re considering an electric fireplace. Which style is right for you?

The Oklahoma furniture style pool table features a Queen Ann leg design with accent carvings on the legs and cabinet.