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Sunday brunch (60 photos)

When you make so many excuses to avoid going out...

19 Signs You're A Homebody

Sorry I can’t today. My sister’s friend’s mother’s grandpa’s brother’s grandson’s uncle’s fish died and yes it was tragic. HACKED BY SudoX — HACK A NICE DAY. Related posts: If Fish Could Scream… Friends… Mother’s Are Always Right Friends Are Family

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Nimm Dir ein Lächeln mit Download

emiliaunddiedetektive Aktion Lächeln "take a smile with you" www.

Food always understands

Mexican food humour funny joke pic: why don't you wanna taco bout it? Because i'm nacho friend anymore

Last Words... How pissed would people be? Haha

I told my friend "before I die I want my last words to be 'I left a million dollars under the.' Then he said "the what?" I said "One minute, I have to die first." He said "oh, okay. How long will that take?" I replied "not really sure.

Watch out.

The only time a woman is helpless is when her nails are drying. After that, watch out.romThe only time a woman is helpless is when her nails are drying. After that, watch out.

I'm just elephant hunting My dad would say he's just dancing

I do occasionally hunt elephants in the super market.this may or may not have lead to my involuntary removal from said super market.


The wheel's turning but the hamster's dead!Yes and some times I know it has been dead for a long time!

I sing when I'm upset

Cat Shaming: Whenever I have a problem, I sing. Then I realize my voice is a lot worse than my problem

Yep totally my style!

I don't fall. I attack the floor! Whether it's backwards, sideways, or head on, I don't fall. I never fall. I surprise attack the floor!

Funny quotes

Math: Mental Abuse to Humans. How many times have I thought this in my life?