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Aloha Party Punch Recipe! ~ from ~ enjoy a little taste of the islands with this delicious punch!

Embryo Halloween Jello Shots, perfect for ANY Halloween party.

I call them Embryo Jello Shooters: You are not going to believe what is hiding in these Jello shooters. These are ideal Jello shots for that Halloween party you are planning....

The Berry Blues, Jello Shot.

The Berry Blues, Jello Shot.

Champagne jello shots - NYE

Bubble Gum Jello Shots 3oz Berry Blue Jello 1C Boiling Water 1/2C Cold Water 1/2C Cotton Candy Vodka

I ♥ NY! Rainbow Jello Shots

Fourth of July (■Grenadine ■Blue Curacao ■Cream or Vodka)

Lembrancinhas - Brigadeiro de colher servido em copinho de vodka

Chocolate Shooters ~ Dark chocolate cups, filled with homemade chocolate mousse and topped with a raspberry.

Jello Shots ♥

2 Point Conversion Jello Shot

Creamsicle Jello Shots | ireallylikefood

Cupcake jello shot

The Ultimate Easter Jello Shots and Shooters

Layered Drinks. This tastes great.

Banker’s Lunch - (Batter Up! Grapefruit juice Ketel one vodka Orange liqueur Dry vermouth)

I love Skulls

Caramel Apple Trifles

swimming pool | 4 cl (1.18 oz) vodka 2 cl (0.59 oz) cream 2 cl (0.59 oz) cream of coconut 2 cl (0.59 oz) blue curaçao 10 cl (2.96 oz) pineapple juice | pour pineapple juice, vodka, cream and cream of coconut with ice into a blender, blend it and strain into a hurricane glass with ice cubes. float the blue curacao on top and serve.

Cool Mardi Gras Shots

Gingerbread Oreo No Bake Mini Cheesecakes - the gingerbread cookies would look cute atop many desserts!

Caramel Apple & Banana – Peanut Butter Pudding Parfaits with Vanilla Wafer Streusel

Warm Apple Pie Pots #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo