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Crafts - Tin Boxes

All things re: tin boxes - decorated, kits, ideas, sources, you name it!

Foil Embossing Tutorial

cute little gift box made from altoid container

junk&stuff: Tutorial: Altered Altoid Tin

Prepping Tins For Altering

#4 - Inspired by a Pinterest post about using soda cans to make boxes.

jó szórakozás, és duplán hasznos: tanulhat a gyerek egy kis fizikát is :)

My cats like to sleep in the boxes soda cans come in. cute cats

Pinhole, creative fun. Going to spend the weekend making tons of them in preparation for winter pictures. 3 Soda cans, a shoe box, 3 empty film canisters, 2 Altoids tins, an oatmeal box, 5 toilet paper rolls, 6 paper towel rolls and a small pumpkin (although that will be prepared at the last moment)...all ready to be made into cameras to capture Christmas morning

- Drink soda. - Wash can. - Fill can with water and freeze. - Cut vertical slices into can with box cutter (do not cut fingers!). - Thaw can. - Gently smoosh can. - Cut out and remove 2 strips, so you can get that tealight in there.

Zevia - if you can't shake the soda habit. This is a great diet soda WITHOUT artificial sweetener. Made with natural Stevia. hCG Diet

SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS WITH RECYCLED COVERS. Choose some cardboard packaging from your recipient's favorite: book, video, cereal, candy etc. Remove the spiral, use the old cover to trace around to make a new cover from the cardboard packaging. Make new holes. Replace the spiral.

Que increíble lo que se puede hacer con simples y económicos materiales! A reciclar, el mundo nos necesita!

DIY Grocery Bag Holder

Put your money, gum, lipstick, matches etc. into a purse de-cluttering can box like this one.

Promotional lunch boxes designed to resemble soda can 6-packs and bottle carriers.

notebook from a soda can!- I could use my Bind-It-All.

CUSTOM Soda Can Gift Box Recycled Eco Friendly by LizardSkins

The painted design on the box obscured the embossing, so I rubbed the paint off the high spots with some abrasive paper - bringing out the embossed lines quite nicely.

Atomic Shrimp - More Drink Can Tinwork - Hexagonal Snowflake Box