My obsession is fo real!!

Pirates - Johnny Depp - is it me or is he sexier than he was on 21 Jump Street?) He is so much more sexier now that he is in his

johnny johnny johnny johnny depp johnny depp <3

johnny johnny johnny johnny depp johnny depp Loved him since 21 Jump street started.

Can't have enough pictures of Johnny!

I go back and forth on Johnny Depp.- Some people think you should only play a Dobro this way, but that's not true! you can play it like a guitar!

I wanna be that guitar

sexy sexy man :) He’s been doing it for me since 21 Jump Street aired on April Can’t say that about any other actor.

depp...what else?

When my daughter was little she wanted Johnny Depp to be her daddy. So, if he was her daddy that would mean that he would be my husband.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp photo with Camera and cigarette Great actor and Inspiration love him

Oh hey....

Johnny Depp The coolest man on the face of the earth. Possibly one of the best actors.goin from Disney to Alice in Wonderland, to Blow. He can play any role. N man is he cute

Johnny Depp

always do everyday