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Purrfect Posts are made in the U.S. by hand. This board includes tips and tricks to get kitty to leave your furniture alone from Dr.Christianne Schelling.
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the nose of a white cat with pink markings on it's face and chest
Cat Health Mewsletter - Less Stressful Vet Visits | Holiday Cat Products
Holiday Gift Shopping with Less Stress
there is a cat that is eating out of the food dish on the floor next to it
Two Splendid New Cat Products
Click on Feeder or the Fountain for more info...
a group of kittens sitting next to each other in front of a sign that says, does your cat need a fountain?
Two Splendid New Cat Products
Does Your Cat Need a Fountain? - Also, we are featuring the new Digital Two Meal Feeder
the words how did my indoor cat get fleas? skin - catch health com
How Did My Indoor Cat Get Fleas?
How Did My Indoor Cat Get Fleas? - Skin - CatHealth.com
a cat standing on its hind legs looking up at the floor under a scratching post
Rivet Works, Inc.
Happy boy with his MONDO!
two cats are laying in a cat bed
Rivet Works, Inc.
Two kitties and a MONDO oh my...
a cat laying in a bed on top of a window sill
Rivet Works, Inc.
The MONDO in action...
the red fur texture is very soft and fluffy, but it doesn't look to be
Rivet Works, Inc.
The pattern on our new Red and Green muffin Blanket is darling!
a cat sitting in a blue bed on top of a couch
The Purrfect Post Customer Experience
It was time for new beds for Blossom and her sister, Fiona. The email arrived showing off how pretty and cozy these are so we chose the cat cave. Blossom did not go inside right away, but sniffed and rubbed against it. Once I moved it from the floor to the couch and placed a catnip cigar inside she went right in and had a nice long nap.
a black and white zebra print round rug
Muffin Blanket
This image shows the Zebra Muffin Blanket. Matching Zebra PIllows now available for kitty, too!
a cat with blue eyes laying on a zebra print bed spread and looking at the camera
a cat is sitting in a blue ball
Purrfect Post - New Muffin Blanket Color and More Cat Caves: Shop Now
Take a look through your holiday list and cross off all of the cat-lovers in one easy online shopping session. Get them each a Cat Cave,You can be sure you're giving a one-of-a-kind gift that will make the recipient feel like you really "get" them.. Click here for the Cat Caves
a cat curled up in a round bed
Purrfect Post - New Muffin Blanket Color and More Cat Caves: Shop Now
Beddy Balls are back in stock! These oh-so-cozy beds are covered with ultra-soft, beautiful material, and they are the ultimate in cat bed comfort. Available in two gorgeous colors. Very limited suppliesClick here for beddy balls
a cat laying on top of a red blanket next to fall leaves with the caption new muffin baker color and more cat caves shop now
Purrfect Post - New Muffin Blanket Color and More Cat Caves: Shop Now
These are so cute! Can't you just see a kitty all curled up with this under a Christmas tree? Click here for Muffin Blanket