Pinterest - Poster by John Gravdahi.

i love the concept of a partial-stencil overlay, if that makes sense. (lead sticking out into the white space of the boarder) Poster by John Gravdahi.

yes man yes man! Saying yes more than no=seizing opportunities (not referring to overloading your schedule here, more stepping out in faith and going on adventures:)

25 Manners Kids Should Know. I was OBSESSED with manners as a kid and it's so important to me that Aubrey will be polite.

30 Beautiful Hand Lettering Typography Illustrations

I like this style of typography for the whiskey bottle in this image because, its simply made just a black bottle with white lettering. The WHISKEY writing on the front say that its a strong drink.

Hand Lettering Typography Illustrations

30 Beautiful Hand Lettering Typography Illustrations

Cool project idea for typography unit. Art Print - "Illustrated Nursery Rhyme: Little Miss Muffet" - Art Print / Typography / Hand Lettering Stephanie Baxter