It's True - All Of It #Ingress

Or you park cars opposite of each other in a dark alley to trade gear with another agent youve only chatted to on hangouts.sketchy but soooo fun!

#ingress #princessbride

After seeing on the news that a guy got arrested for taking upskirt videos and calling it a fraternity "prank.

My newest INGRESS creation

The entire force was out there for the whole trick-or-treating window.

Ingress - Do You Even Glyph Bro by Bandaidbrand

Ingress - Do You Even Glyph Bro by Bandaidbrand (Resistance Enlightened together end conflict.

seriously, though. I see this everywhere. So sad. I fall victim sometimes, but only when everyone else is doing it. At that point, I'm just bored. Sigh.

Anybody have plans to stare at their phone someplace exciting this weekend? :: That exciting place would be babysitting.