A deer bull sitting between the trees and thiking "who is that funny guy with the camera?

The mystery and beauty of Ireland

bluepueblo: “St-Veran Archway, Midi-Pyrenees, France photo via shabby ”

My favourite animal is the Fox but apparently, according to numerous tests, quiz's, etc my spirit animal is a Wolf I don't mind though as they are awesome animals.

Buckholt Wood, Cranham, Gloucestershire © Robert Wolstenholme

A natural corridor of trees is pictured in Buckholt Wood, Cranham, Gloucestershire, by photographer Rob Wolstenholme (Beauty Landscapes Photography)

picchar: “ Her Royal Majesty side-eyeing staring down… some Orleisans or whomever. I wanted to try this on Rythlen.


Emperor - The WarChief by Gillesketting on deviantART feels like edv, and the garb looks actually pretty accurate for a reconstruction of her clan's historical armor. But the face isnt quuuiite right.

Heritrix of the Winter Wool Coat - medieval renaissance cloak cape fantasy

Wool Grey Fantasy Coat "Heritrix Of The Winter" snow princess white queen fur coat. I'm in love with coats like this