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#triggerwarning  they might have surprised me

they might have surprised me

Whole Foods' John Mackey: Why Intellectuals Hate Capitalism

"Intellectuals have always disdained commerce" says Whole Foods Market co-founder John Mackey.with the aristocrats to maintain a s.

Wranglerstar Reads Mean Comment

How we react to mean comments very much depends on a choice. Do we use the comment to improve ourselves or do we harden our heart and take offense.

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs | An Alpha & Omega novel

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

"Check Your Privilege" Is An Idiotic Phrase

Why "Check your Privilege" is an idiotic phrase. You don't know what other people have been through based on their skin color or gender.

Arch Angel

The Dark archangels may seem like a threat but they are the night shift replacement of the archangels, they are much more aware of there surroundings to make sure that no house is robbed in the night.