69 year old faye copeland . oldest serial killer in the history of the world? Maybe. She and her husband killed as many as 12 drifters. They were caught when a passerby noticed a human skull on their property.

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Amelia Sach Famous Female Serial Killers People picture She was tried for killing mostly babies and a few older people.

Gerald and Charlene were a husband and wife serial killer team who were active from 1978 until 1980 in the western United States.

Lydia Sherman. Female Serial Killer. Went to trial in 1872 and died six years later in prison.

Murder Most Foul, The ghoulish tale of a family of serial killers known as the "Bloody Benders". Innkeepers who murdered their guests to steal their belongings. They would seat them with their backs to a draped doorway. A member of the family would bash in their brains with a hammer, then slit their victims throat after they fell to the floor. More then a dozen men, women, & children lost their lives, and were found in mass graves days after the Bender's escaped, never to be brought to…

Louise Peete, black widow serial killer

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