Tip - Use Bubble Wrap "Skirts" to make flowers float.  Sooo many weddings I've helped with that this would have helped!!

Bubble wrap skirt to make flowers float in water. Once submerged the bubble wrap is almost invisible. Great trick to know for making your own floral arrangements

Find the worst bridesmaids dress you can find and play paintball for your bachelorette party. OMG!

Go to a thrift store and find the worst bridesmaids dress you can find. Then play paintball for a combined bachelorette and bachelor party.I just like the idea of going out in the worst bridesmaid dress!

Bridal party Olympics!!! Bridesmaids vs groomsmen. Best party ever

Instead of bachelor/bachelorette parties: Bridal party Olympics with bridesmaids vs groomsmen. Best party idea ever!

glittered champagne bottles - perfect for a bridal shower

7 awesome DIY wine bottle centerpiece ideas for your big day! These glittered wine bottles look so elegant! They would also be perfect for New Year's!

Florals by Jo Malone

Fishing line and fake flowers make a beautiful backdrop. Perfect DIY party decoration - wedding reception, behind the bride and groom

geometric party garland

Mod Valentine’s Day Shoot from Simply Savannah Events

Paper diy rhombus garland for kids - mobile, paper garland crafts, wall decoration

Slightly melt your tealight's wax, then scatter a few sprinkles on the surface. Cute for a birthday party. Could also do with glitter.

DIY B-Day Candles ~ Slightly Melt Your Tealight’s Wax, Then Scatter A Few Sprinkles On The Surface. Cute For A Birthday Party. Could Also Do With Glitter. Love this as a simple gift idea!


OK, these patterns are a lovely way to share the season. Christmas Cards // The House that Lars Built, via Fox in the Pine

Sloppy Elegance: DIY Christmas Tree Outfit @Karen Darling Space & Stuff Blog Brekke I found the directions!!!!!!

5 Best DIY Ugly Holiday Sweaters By Brittni Brown Are you attending an ugly sweater Christmas party and you only have a closet full of beautiful cashmere? Have no fear, for these awesome DIY ideas are.