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    Doctor Who watch

    Doctor Who Wristwatches for Real Timelords

    small* obsession. l I don't think anyone realized just how much I actually love it.. Probably because I don't show it as much as I feel it. Hence the pin.

    Transdimensional Obsession

    The true identity of River Song.... MISS FRIZZLE!! i swear she's a time lady. it's the only logical explanation.

    12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords

    Doctor Who Quote Series 1: Fourth Doctor Pattern PDF

    Unavailable Listing on Etsy

    MAKES MY LIFE!!!! But where to put you? (if you said that in your head like the sorting hat you are one epic person ;) )

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    Christopher Eccleston on being the Doctor

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    The Doctor’s Message, according to Christopher Eccleston<<<this just makes me love him more.

    [an errant gallifreyan]

    I miss Nine


    Nine and Jack

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    Nine doesn't get enough love

    Ninth Doctor

    "If this full range of emotions doesn't convince you that Eccleston played The Doctor beautifully, then I don't know what could." -Previous pinner

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    Cat in Bread Meme = Cassandra :-P Doctor Who I have never been amused by cat in bread but now I am dying

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    That moment when you realize just how many you're in.....

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    Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn quotes in Star Trek.

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    Long coats make you awesome…


    My mind makes me see things…

    Doctor Who

    I will survive…

    Every whovian knows you can't skip nine

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    Every time I make a reference

    All. The. TIME!!!

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    Just subtle enough that most people would totally miss the reference.

    DIY Tom Baker Doctor Who Rug - Our Nerd Home

    Doctor Who time

    Instagram Photo Feed

    Mind. Blown. Especially Zazu...

    Animations and their counterparts.