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Clothes, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, accessories, anything that makes a girl a fashionista. I shouldn't have to say that this board is for CHIC and TRENDY WOMEN'S FASHION, but some people have been posting random pictures that don't relate to that, so please no spamming. ONLY add people who actually have a sense of style! If you would like to be added to this board, please go to my Add Me! board and leave a comment on the Fashionistas picture.

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Fashion in the late 1940′s #vintagemaya #1940s #vintage dress #40s fashion #bouffant styling #eveningwear

Vintage fashion - Qipao Credits: www.walkinginmay.... #vintagemaya #Qipao #fashion #silk dress #silk Qipao #model #luxury vintage fashion #cheongsam

michaeL kors bags ? LOVE THESE!!

What Would You Put In Your Dream Closet?

I ordered this in black for my wife. I was a bit worried about ordering over the internet and whether the quality would be ok. The quality of this is AMAZING! As good as any Ive bought in store. Beautifully lined and sewn, with great detail and lovely fabric.

pretty and classic RAY BAN

AX Paris Strapless New Paisley Maxi Dress

Irregular Temperament Chiffon Dress Suit Vest Skirt Bust Package

Bebe ● SS 2014