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Want Her Style

Want Her Style

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How You Like Me Now, Grout? | Young House Love (We used this technique in our shower - still looks fantastic 2 years later.) Grout Renew..... could be the answer to the kitchen tile!

Origami paper bowls scandinavian interior trend / paper crafts

Aqua Farm Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

  • Nicole Schaaf ♫

    I do like this if it was bigger. And i think betas have to be alone because theuvare agressivr and territorial? Right?

  • Nicole Schaaf ♫

    Wow. My brain is obviously off for the night

  • Sarah Davis

    Yeah beta fish will eat any fish friends you give them :(

  • Desiree Ladd

    This small fish bowl is PERFECT for Beta Fish. They prefer to be alone and in a small space. I Luv it!

  • Lena Ray

    Yea I definitely bought two betas once, and after insisting to the man selling them to me at the pet store that they would eat each other and he promised they wouldn't because one was male and one was female, and they killed each other. At least mine killed my friends first.

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this is dreamy, even though I'd never wear it.

DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder - a GREAT space saver! --- Make It and Love It

Dramatic Black 'Cat-Eye' Liner Look...the fact that the model was Jamaican was a surprise plus lol

Gillian Zinser