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Mersenne. Harmonicorum libri

Mersenne. Harmonicorum libri

She looked far remote...for she and they were in different worlds. She began to pluck the strings more strongly, conjuring up a strange music of long silences and single, singing notes that sprang up, each separate and perfect as some infinitely small silver bird that leapt up like a lark toward the smoky rafters, and hovered a little, and was gone. - The Lantern Bearers, Rosemary Sutcliff

This is one of favorite pieces of art by one of my favorite artists, Susan Sedon Boulet.

Lady and Harp, a Mucha-style illustration published by M. Munk, Vienna. Art Nouveau

Woman Playing a Harp, a postcard attributed to Mela Koehler (Austrian, Published by Marcus Munk, Vienna, Art Nouveau