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ilovewhatido Media is a student. Social Media is an ever changing market. First we need to know our history. The History of Content Marketing [Infographic] – Corporate Storytelling is Not New

zone 8

Timing for Dallas Veggies: Zone 8 Vegetable planting calendar describing approximate dates to start vegetable plants indoors and outdoors relative to specific USDA Plant Hardiness Zones.

Awesome book for pre marriage or current marriages.  very cool concepts!

"The Science of a Woman and the Art of Manhood" By: Eric Smith. Amazing information to help men and women understand each other to have the incredible bliss that God intended for Marriage

Mozz in eggroll wrappers

Mozzarella sticks- use egg roll wrappers and string cheese. Baked not fried :) Bake at 350 for mozzarella sticks: string cheese + wonton wrappers + baked, not fried

Office inspiration

Finding out elaborated freelance workspaces and creative offices is so much fun and we all enjoy drooling over some creative workspaces but creating such


Workshop Organization Tips. 5 one day projects to improve your shop. Workbench with lumber storage space. This simple workbench doubles as a storage rack for those long pieces of lumber and plywood that tend to clutter your workshop.