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виктор кравчук
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A close up of how to tie the netting knot when sewing the main net

Net making with a shuttle: Net Making basic knot up close. I've made several cast nets over the years. Great Christmas or birthday presents.

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These easy Tire Flower Planter Tutorials are a great way to recycle old tires and they'll add a special touch to your garden.

MUST WATCH (Best Self Defense Technique in a Fight)

Best Self Defense Technique in a Fight: two techniques--one attack from the front, one attack from the back.

First Aid Medical How To Apply Bandages antique print.

4 năm trc đi học y tế băng bó các kiểu và giờ quên gần hết.

Real Avid The Pistol Tool. The number of tasks The hand gun pistol Tool can handle is astounding: mounting accessories, field disassembly, adjusting laser sights, and changing grips are only a few things this tool can do. #guntool #handguntool #handgun #rifletool #gunmaintenance #multitool

Real Avid The Pistol Tool. The Number of Tasks the Hand Gun Pistol Tool Can Handle is Astounding: Mounting Accessories, Field Disassembly, Adjusting Laser Sights, and Changing Grips are Only a Few Things This Tool Can Do.