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By 会田誠 (Makoto Aida) |「あぜ道(footpath) | Original in colour

Makoto Aida, Azemichi (a path between rice fields) Japanese mineral pigment, acrylic on Japanese paper, 73 x 52 cm. Collection of Toyota Municipal Museum of Art; courtesy Mizuma Art Gallery Feels Vauguely creepy - Japanese as opposed to American Gothic?

Detail from a Bernini sculpture The Rape of Proserpine in the Villa Borghese, Rome. Sublime.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Pluto and Proserpina (also know as the Rape of Proserpina), marble (Galleria Borghese, Rome). Proserpina is the Latin varient of the mythic Greek Persephone.

“Veiled truth” is one of the masterpieces of Venetian sculptor Antonio Corradini (1688-1752), which he created for Naple's Cappella Sansevero

Statue: The Veiled Truth (aka Modesty / Chastity) by Antonio Corradini, 1751 at Cappella Sansevero, Naples, Italy

taino symbols I have two so far and plan to put then all on my body. Puerto Rican Pride, Taino Pride.

An introduction to the taino symbols and words of Puerto Rico. Today, the Taino’s blood is part of the Puerto Rican heritage.